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Before seeking the death penalty, local U. Those who are convicted and sentenced to death are allowed one appeal except for rare occasions where they can have more , and the president alone has the power to grant clemency to a prisoner on federal death row.

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Federal prisoners are held in the Special Confinement Unit at U. Penitentiary Terre Haute in Indiana.

There are currently 62 prisoners on federal death row. But according to the Death Penalty Information Center, the federal death penalty is frequently applied in cases where a conviction or death sentence would have been available at the state level. All current death row inmates have been convicted of crimes involving murder or death; none have been convicted of treason, espionage, or air piracy, and only one case was related to terrorism.

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The order comes at a time when more and more states, with mounting conservative support , are making moves to abolish the death penalty: Most recently, New Hampshire repealed the death penalty in May of , and bipartisan legislators in Wyoming , Montana , and Kentucky all introduced bills to end capital punishment in their states this year. However, state opposition does not impede the federal government from applying the death penalty to a prisoner from that state.

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As it stands, 21 states and Washington, D. Although it's only legal by state law in half of the U. States traditionally have the power to define and enforce criminal law, leading to questions about the constitutionality of the federal government's right to exercise capital punishment, especially when so many states oppose it. The federal death penalty was outlawed in the case Furman v.

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It was reinstated in the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of for a short list of crimes, and then lengthened to include 60 offenses in the Federal Death Penalty Act of In his order, Barr directs the federal government to use a new protocol with just one drug, pentobarbital, rather than the three-drug cocktail the government formerly used. But BuzzFeed News reports that the new protocol will immediately end up in court and likely delay the scheduled executions, since legal injections have been effectively suspended by a lawsuit—pending since and on hold since —that challenges the U.

Today's Supreme Court ruling on a lethal injection drug represents a confluence of several modern challenges to capital punishment. The governor's moratorium affects people—more than a quarter of the country's death row inmates. Our legal work provides a lifeline to vulnerable prisoners and has helped to develop the law around the world.

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We fight on behalf of those whose right to life, to a fair trial and to humane treatment is at stake. We provide free legal representation and assistance to individuals facing the death penalty and other vulnerable prisoners. We deliver practical and targeted training to members of the judiciary, lawyers, mental health professionals and others working in the criminal justice system. We commission and publish original research and resources to address knowledge gaps and deepen understanding on the death penalty.

We engage governments and other stakeholders in dialogue on the death penalty, to support a more informed and constructive debate. Our vision We believe that the death penalty is a cruel and inhuman punishment with no place in a modern, civilised society.

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Find out more Donate Today. Our Stories Our legal work provides a lifeline to vulnerable prisoners and has helped to develop the law around the world.

What we do We fight on behalf of those whose right to life, to a fair trial and to humane treatment is at stake. Free legal representation. Capacity building.

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Our latest news and events Read the latest news on The Death Penalty Project and our work from around the world. Previous slide Next slide. Capital sentencing and judicial attitudes towards the death penalty in India and Bangladesh Read More.