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Some people are good in working in finance, communication Some others are good at develop business.

Everything we know about Donald Trump's state visit to Britain

In fact, that's what I do because you can learn many things from them, they have the experience and knowledge and if you want to do your own business you have to search and ask about it so as not to make the same mistakes. I have had some ideas about it but right now, I am focusing in the university and in get professional experience before make my own bussines or even think about it.

I think that a good entrepeneur needs to be capable to you see a need in the market or in the society and with that, seek a solution and accept advices from other persons to improve your idea. It is important believe in what you do and enjoy it. A successful entrepreneur is someone who has excellent communication skills for selling the products to customers and motivating the employees. I think that communication is the first quality of a successful entrepreneur, but without passion, determination, creativity, an open mind, discipline and confidence, there is no success.

I would like to start a business in the UK because i love the way people think, i like the english culture. I love to read this article. I mean the sentence: "Don't try to do everything yourself ,,, try to find people who are better than you". Thank you Richard, hihi, both of them have the same name. Thank you Sir Richard too. For example:. ICP : Google Tag Manager. Log in Subscribe Newsletter.

Richard : So in your eyes, what makes a good entrepreneur? Richard : Any advice for me? Task 1 Which is the best title for this video? Select all the things that Richard Branson says about good entrepreneurs. Reorder these words to make sentences from the video. Match the words and phrases to make expressions from the video. Discussion What qualities make entrepreneurs successful? Download support pack KB.

12 things you should never do in Britain

Download Transcript KB. Language level Advanced: C1. Upper intermediate: B2. Camp is also a very British way of saying something or someone is deliberately exaggerated or theatrical, according to Oxford English dictionary. How we'd say it in Britain: "He ended every performance with a camp flourish.

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In the UK, a biscuit is a delicious, thin, baked treat you'd dunk in a cup of tea, maybe covered with a layer of chocolate or with a few pieces of dried fruit baked into them. A biscuit is not a savory, dense chunk of buttery dough, and you'd practically never eat an English biscuit in the same mouthful as gravy or chicken.

How we'd say it in Britain: "My favorite kind of biscuits are chocolate digestives. British gravy is thick, tastes like a roast dinner, and is always brown. It is not white or creamy and is never served over a biscuit. How we'd say it in Britain: "My mum makes the best gravy.

Accidentally call Great Britain "England"

Her recipe's a family secret, but she uses lots of meat stock. If a Brit starts talking to you about their trainers, they're not discussing the people who make them sweat at the gym. They're talking about their sneakers. A Brit might also call a pair of sneakers a pair of "pumps. How we'd say it in Britain: "I'm going for a run tonight, so I've packed my trainers. Crisps are the British equivalent of an America potato chip.

Crisps can be a packet of Lays, a bag of Cheetos, or a handful of Doritos, among other things. They're usually eaten at lunch and come in handy 25g "packets" — or bags — for individual consumption, instead of the massive sharing bags they sell in the US.

So You Think You Know About Britain?

How we'd say it in Britain: "I'll have an egg sandwich and a packet of crisps. You'd call them fries in America. But, in my opinion, they're usually chunkier and far nicer than standard French fries. The ones you get from the fish and chip shop otherwise known as "The Chippy" are always the best. How we'd say it in Britain: "I like to cover my chips in salt and vinegar and dip them in ketchup. Yes, a ring is something you can wear in the UK. But if a British person offers to give you a ring, they're probably not casually proposing to you.

How we'd say it in Britain: "I'll give you a ring when I get home so you know I arrived safely.

If a British person tells you they're pissed, they're not necessarily angry. They're just drunk. How we'd say it in Britain: "Don't mind him. He's been drinking all day and is a little pissed. In America, a boot is a type of footwear. In the UK, the boot refers to the trunk of a car. This storage space came to be termed as the "boot locker," which soon became simply the "boot.

How we'd say it in Britain: "I think I might have locked my keys in the boot. But in London, to get to the top of a skyscraper, you'd hop in the lift. How we'd say it in Britain: "Can you hold the lift please". Not to be confused with an American trolley, like the ones in San Francisco, the British trolley is is what Brits use when they're wandering the aisles of their local grocery store, otherwise known as a shopping cart in America.

How we'd say it in Britain: "Can you push the trolley for a second while I check out the bananas? The British equivalent of an apartment, a flat has little to do with having a level surface.

101 Facts About The UK

How we'd say it in Britain: "My flat is on the seventh floor of a tower block. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search". Close icon Two crossed lines that form an 'X'. It indicates a way to close an interaction, or dismiss a notification. Lyndsey Reid. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link.