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What special hazards are posed by derechos to cities? While those out-of-doors, whether in rural areas or elsewhere, are at greatest risk in a derecho, derechos pose a special hazard to those in cities. It is the vulnerability of overhead electric and communication lines to high winds and falling trees that makes derecho winds especially problematic in urban areas. In addition to posing a direct hazard to anyone caught below the falling lines, derecho damage to overhead electrical facilities sometimes results in massive, long-lasting power outages that can affect hundreds of thousands of people; in the worst events, power may not be restored for days.

The complex and dense networks of overhead distribution lines and their proximity to large trees make urban and suburban areas especially vulnerable to significant derecho-induced electrical and communication outages. In addition, unlike the localized damage produced by a tornado, derecho damage may be widespread, with repairs requiring considerably more time and effort to accomplish.

Affecting Earth

What can one do to prepare for a derecho? If planning to be outdoors for a significant length of time, be aware of the weather forecast especially if you will be well-removed from sturdy shelter. Derechos rarely occur without warning, although warning lead times may be comparatively limited during the early stages of storm development. Because protracted and extensive electrical and communication disruptions may occur, set aside emergency water and food supplies, can openers, batteries, and flash lights.

As with a hurricane, be aware that hotel and motel facilities may be impacted after the event, and that gasoline availability may be limited over a broad area. What can one do if caught out-of-doors? Falling debris is the most serious hazard posed by a derecho to those without shelter; cloud-to-ground lightning strikes are an additional hazard.

Lie flat and face-down on low ground, protecting the back of your head with your arms.

Lethal Wind

If possible, avoid trees; even relatively small branches can become lethal when blown by storm winds. What can one do to after a derecho? If you suffer a power outage from a derecho, do not assume that the utility responsible for your area is aware of the problem. Although some utilities are equipped with automated devices that relay information regarding the location and duration of outages to operational centers, many service providers are not so equipped. If possible, contact your utility with information about the outage. In the mean time, avoid any downed power lines and, especially, contact with lines in wet areas; the wires could still be "live.

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Nina Bruhns. Rick Riordan. Christy Barritt. Suicide Mission Thriller. William W. Murder Hurts. Elizabeth Lowell. Warning Signs. Or die. A complimentary copy of Lethal Wind is available to qualified reviewers. Email the information below to mary foremostpress. When Scott Macklen learns he is marked for death by Harry Boggs, the man in cocaine in the San Fernando Valley, his first thought is to slip past the man's defenses and take him off. But this is not only inappropriate, it would likely be fatal, as Boggs has an army and millions to feed it.

He is counting on the man's paranoia, on his near psychotic rages, to bring illegal action upon which waiting authorities can act.

But despite good success, Scott seems unable to shove Boggs into a foolish move. Still, he has no choice. He must continue to attack, to find some way to force Boggs into the arms of the law. He's got to make it happen. Bob McElwain, a native of Los Angeles, California, taught mathematics and computer science in secondary schools and colleges there for thirty-two years. Bob has been a fan of fiction since childhood, and is always working on another story. When he checks, his guess is proved correct.

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