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Thank you in advance for listening. May God show you His favor and peace.

Blessings to you all, Bob Davidson. Introducing Bob Davidson's new album, Shine On!

Have you ever noticed how much working the body helps you to understand the soul?

I want all of the focus to be on Jesus. He is the reason for any of this. He is the One who changed me.


I'm just a guy who likes to write songs and play the guitar in his Vans sneakers. People say I have my own style of gospel. Whatever your opinion on taking a knee, you were vilified this week by the other side. The great 20th century German theologian Paul Tillich once wrote that the human condition is defined by alienation: from ourselves, from one another, and from God. Alienation might be the better word. The Nike controversy seems to be simply the latest example of the very old truth that we are profoundly alienated from one another.

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The Syrophoenician woman comes to Jesus to ask for healing for her daughter, and Jesus calls her a dog, a common ethnic slur at the time. This is not the Jesus we think we know. We expect Jesus to be loving and open to everyone. After all, we embrace Christianity as a religion that values everyone fully and equally, and for good reason.

I think it still is.

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Was Jesus upset that it was a woman that approached him? Or a foreigner? Or that he said the insult with a wink or a twinkle in his eye, getting ready to use this as a kind of teaching moment. I think what matters most in this exchange is what happens after he calls her a dog.

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She persists, and he changes his mind. Perhaps he realizes in that moment that his ministry is not just to the lost sheep of the house of Israel, but also to this bold, foreign woman in front of him. This nameless woman has been called the woman who changed history.

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This exchange would alter the course of the Christian movement and broaden its mission beyond the Jewish community. And besides all that, it certainly altered her life — she left that encounter freer than when it began. Her daughter healed, her hope renewed. The alienation in her life shrunk that day. There is a pretty clear Gospel mandate in all of this. If Jesus could get caught up in knee jerk reactions and common prejudices, so do we, everyday.

And if he could change his course, so can we.

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The first step is to acknowledge the divisions and deeper alienations in our lives. There is no shortage of examples of alienation. For one, I might have a knee jerk reaction to the people with a different opinion than mine about taking the knee. Or take some Little Rock examples — how about someone on this side of I being afraid to go south of the interstate, and vice versa in our segregated city? Someone on one side of the Arkansas River might make assumptions about people on the other side.