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The victims were caught slogging around way above street level, atop all that volcanic debris. Perhaps they were looters. Perhaps they ran home for precious belongings or missing loved ones.

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But around am, a huge pyroclastic surge poured down the volcano and killed them all within seconds. Most died of asphyxiation or thermal shock, exposed to temperatures well over degrees Fahrenheit. The volcanic material that enveloped them was so fine that it made a perfect body cast, capturing vivid details of their faces, their clothing, even their teeth and fingers. Further debris buried them deep below the surface.

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But since they lay so far above the water table, no water disturbed their resting place over the centuries. In time, the tissues all decayed, leaving nothing but bones within the hollow in the volcanic tuff.

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Excavators initially destroyed these hollows as they dug for artifacts. As early as the 18th century, they were aware of the eerie impressions left where once bodies had lain. But little was done to preserve them.

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Then in Giuseppe Fiorelli had the idea of pouring plaster of Paris into these hollows. Now she has discovered her past and her heritage as Highborn—and, with it, the power to call souls out of their bodies and slay the occasional god or two as well as to resurrect them. First, though, Jame must survive the politics and dangers of haunted Tentir College, a school for warriors where she's a student.

To make matters worse, she's challenged to a mounted combat duel to decide who is Tentir "top gun"—a competition she must win to graduate.

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It's trial by fire, as Jame moves closer to a magnificent destiny she both fears—and knows she must face. Aunties Books. Barnes and Noble. Mysterious Galaxy.

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