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They once occupied Thrace now Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece. They founded Galatia now Turkey. Celts and Hindus also had a similar caste system: educated rulers Brahmin , warriors Kshatriya , farmers, artisans, or business people Vaishya , and serfs or slaves Shudra. Celtic gods were not creators, but venerated ancestors. Their farming communities were prosperous, their art sophisticated, and their metalwork advanced.

Female Druids, the Forgotten Priestesses of the Celts

Officials were elected and property was more or less shared. Unlike doctors in Greece, druid doctors were provided for by the community so that they could offer the same care to everyone. Of all pre-Christian European societies, the ancient Celts seemed to have the best healthcare system, refraining from then-otherwise-widespread euthanasia. They did not tend to view illness as a judgment of the gods, although they did address some illnesses as personal beings Specific druid families passed medical knowledge and medical books down through generations.

Celtic women could be druids or warrior-queens. They owned property, practiced medicine, and had the right to divorce their husbands. Although their society began slipping into patriarchy before the arrival of Christianity, Irish Celts still had many female saints and spiritual mentors long after St. The cultural values of Christian leaders from Rome eventually put women in a less desirable place. Truth was highly valued in Celtic philosophy.

In fact, Truth was thought to hold magical power. It is false that the ancient Celts had no written language.

Rather, the druids educated caste refrained from writing many things down in order to maintain secrecy and, therefore, political power. After Irish druids were displaced by Christian rulers, tiny little Ireland produced so many books that it made up one third of the literature in Europe. In England, invading Germanic, Danish, and Norman tribes marginalized Celtic tribes to such a degree that they no longer exist. Invading Germanics also displaced the Celts in what is now France. Although Ireland converted to Christianity without any wars or martyrs, St. Patrick still saw to it that hundreds of druidic manuscripts were destroyed.

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We have no idea what they said. Even after the Celts converted to Christianity, other so-called Christian kingdoms rounded them up to use them as slaves see St. Today, of the tens of millions inhabiting formerly Celtic regions, only about two million people still speak a Celtic language. Neo-druidism During the Enlightenment, druids became a fad, and were excessively romanticized. Times being what they were, these tourists did a lot of damage to the site.

Because he actually studied Celtic sources, his Neo-druidism is probably most similar to the original religion, but he also brought a lot of his own ideas into it. During the philosophical upheaval of the s, the New Age movement incorporated a lot of the fanciful and speculative ideas that were a fad during the Enlightenment and had no basis in history. Spirit sleeps in the mineral, breathes in the vegetable, dreams in the animal, and wakes in man.

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  6. Example deities: Lugh, Morrigan, Daghda, Mannanan. Brythonic Polytheism: Practiced by the Welsh. Example deities: Arawn, Bloduedd, Arianrhod, Gwydion. Brittonic Polytheism: Practiced by the Iron Age Britons, but overlaps with Gaulish polytheism with a few cultural differences.

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    Example deities: Nodens, Andarta, Sulis, Camulos. Gaulish Polytheism: Practiced by the Gauls and presumably also the Galatians. Example deities: Epona, Taranis, Teutatis, Belenos. They [the Celts] have good-looking women but pay no attention to them - rather they weave around other males in a strange frenzy. They are accustomed to sleeping on the ground upon hides of wild beasts and wallow together with partners on both sides for fucking. And most paradoxically, heedless of their own dignity, they give up their well-satisfied bodies to the harvest of other men, and they do not regard this as a disgrace; rather the opposite - whenever their freely-offered gift of sexual gratification is not received favorably, they regard it a dishonor.

    Why did the Celts keep no records?

    Snettisham Iron Age hoards. Celts celtic art torc jewellery exhibition torcs gold hoard hoards Snettisham London British Museum. He was first hero of Britain due to his fierce resistance to the Roman invasion. So he fled to the north… With his army in disarray, he ended up in the tribe-land of the Brigantes, where he met their queen Cartimunda, an took sanctuary - as in modern-day Yorkshire.

    Boudicca and Celtic Marriage Laws

    Towards the end of the Roman Republic, a similar situation had arisen. Adultery was one of main causes of divorce. A Celtic woman who found her husband committing adultery was legally allowed to attack her husband and his lover without punishment. If, however, three days had passed, it was assumed that she would have gotten over any shock that could trigger such an act Ellis In Roman society, a man was in danger of being prosecuted if he seduced a married woman.

    If, however, a woman was caught in such an act, she could be immediately be divorced, lose half her dowry, a third of her lands, and she and her lover were sent to different islands. It was considered a criminal offence if anyone married her, and her father retained custody of the children Balsdon Both Celtic men and women had equal rights to divorce.


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    2. The Celts Paid Attention to Their Hygiene

    You are commenting using your WordPress. In an effort to protect his family, Prasutagus left half of his estate to his two daughters and the other half to Nero and the Roman Empire. The fact that his will stated his daughters as co-heirs, gives further evidence to the matrilineal custom mentioned earlier. The Roman financial official, Decianus Catus, carried out an inventory of the estate; his actions were insensitive and arrogant.

    In reaction to this, Boudicca amassed a huge army, remarkable considering how prior to this; the Celtic tribes failed at uniting to fight the Roman Empire.

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    Her army sacked the Roman cities of Camulodunum, London, and Verulamium before being defeated by the Roman governor Suetonius Paulinus, who at the time was annihilating the druidic groves on Anglesey. He also compares the actions of Boudicca as sacrificial offerings the Warrior Goddess Andrast.