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A Brief History of South Africa, with Dave Steward

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Economic Relationships and Impact

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Although Hennessy agreed with Biyden that the failure of British education of Africans was mainly owing to the idea that the Negro should be Europeanized to be he contended that the foundation of university in Africa must be the work of the Africans themselves although reasonable claim for some State support might be made when the Promoters could show that their scheme possessed the real elements of success ibid. Direct American Involvement and British Reaction. Meanwhile between the Phelps-Stokes Fund of the United States set up Commission on Education in Africa amongst whom West African Dr Aggrey of the Gold Coast was mem ber The Commission visited West Africa to assess the nature and qual ity of the education of Negroes both in Africa and in the United States The report of the Commission African Education Commission it has been suggested was first introduction to the education- hunger of the African people and it had profound effect on both sides of the.

From another and slightly different point of view it appears equally indefensible that intelligent Africans from the Gold Coast should most easily obtain further training of University type by taking advantage of American bounty and Amer ican. American Education and British Apprehensions. American Negro mass demon strations and the prevalence of the colour bar produced stronger nation alist political bias among West Africans studying in. Obviously just as the colonial officials were opposed to universities African intelligentsia were equally opposed to the type of education provided by Yaba Achimota Maker- ere and Fourah Bay colleges because their standards were considered as inferior to full-fledged university which would offer degrees that would be universally.

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