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Autism and Aspergers. Brief Psychotherapy. Child and Adolescent Studies. Clinical Psychology.

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Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies. Culture and Psychoanalysis. Eating Disorders. Existential therapy. Expressive Arts Therapies. Family, Couple and Systemic Therapy. Gestalt Therapy. Grief and Bereavement. Group Psychotherapy. Individual Psychotherapy. It is not a science of the mind in the way that cognitive science has been. By labeling it a psychology with the psyche, Jung implicitly positions its practitioner—not as someone who detachedly studies something called a psyche—but as someone trained to apply his or her own psyche as a tool towards trying to fathom how human beings attune themselves to own existence.

The author wishes to thank the anonymous reviewers of an earlier draft for their helpful comments. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Behav Sci Basel v. Behav Sci Basel. Published online Jul Raya A. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Keywords: Carl Gustav Jung, science versus art debate, history of psychology.

Perceptions of Jung from the Standpoint of Scientific Psychology Jung engaged with matters that were central to the formation of psychology as a modern science in the early twentieth century [ 26 ]. Science versus Art The concept of archetypes failed to interest behavioral scientists, but has long fired the imagination of artists and literary writers. Acknowledgements The author wishes to thank the anonymous reviewers of an earlier draft for their helpful comments. Conflict of Interest The author declares no conflict of interest. References 1. Jung C. The Collected Works of C.

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Vicissitudes of a Science-Complex.

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Scanlon J. Dilthey on psychology and epistemology. Foucault M. Discipline and Punish. Penguin; London, UK: Analytical Psychology and Education.

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Weber M. Science as a Vocation.

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In: Gerth H. Max Weber: Essays in Sociology. Harrington A.

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Renenchanted Science. Freud S. New Introductory Lectures on Psycho-Analysis. Norton; London, UK: The Phenomenology of the Spirit in Fairytales. The Varieties of Religious Experience.

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Longmans, Green and Co. Shamdasani S. Jung and the Making of Modern Psychology. The Association Method. Piaget J.

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