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EASE is a tuition specific award granted by the state. Enroll for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester, or the equivalent, in an associate or baccalaureate degree program. Due to the differences between term and semester student enrollment, FSAG is handled one of two ways on a student account. Once your full time enrollment status is met during the FA2 term your FSAG award will disburse onto your account for both terms. For many students this may mean that the balance for their FA1 term or SP1 term, or the balance for their fall or spring semester, becomes past due while the student is waiting for their FSAG disbursements.

If a student has a zero balance at the time their FSAG funds are disbursed and credited to their account, a refund will be issued.

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Funds are not available for summer awards. Students must meet these requirements by September 29 for receiving a grant during the fall semester and by February 14 for students attending only the spring semester. The recipient receives a cost per credit hour award established by the Florida Legislature in the General Appropriations Act in addition to the Florida Academic Scholars award.

For current year award amounts visit: www. Scholars must enroll in an eligible Florida postsecondary institution to receive the incentive award. The highest institutional cost of attendance, as reported by the Board of Governors of the State University System, will be used in the calculation of awards for students who attend an eligible four-year independent postsecondary institution. Eligibility Requirements Be a Florida resident.

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Residency status is determined by the institution. Earn a standard Florida high school diploma or its equivalency, complete a home education program, or earn a non-Florida diploma while living outside of Florida with a parent on public service assignment. Enroll in an eligible, regionally-accredited, public or independent postsecondary institution.

Enroll full-time minimum 12 credit hours per term or quarter equivalency in a baccalaureate degree program. Initially enroll during the fall academic term following high school graduation. Achieve the National Merit Scholar or National Achievement Scholar designation by accepting a National Merit or National Achievement Scholarship award the academic year following high school graduation.

Aid Awarded Saint Leo University determines recipients based on eligibility and funds available. Annual Award Amount for an Academic Year Award funding is dependent on funding from the state; annual awarding amounts vary. Funds are only available for the holiday break between the fall and spring semesters. The scholarship provides money to assist undergraduate students attending Saint Leo University Educational Centers in the state of Georgia with their educational costs.

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Complete a HOPE eligible home study program with a 3. Graduate from an ineligible high school, complete an ineligible home study program, or earn a GED, and score in the national composite 85th percentile or higher on the SAT or ACT tests. Graduate from an ineligible high school or complete an ineligible home study program, and then earn a 3. This option allows for payment of the first 30 semester hours or 45 quarter hours after they are taken. Earn a 3.

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Beginning with students graduating from high school on or after May 1, , Students must meet additional rigor requirements. Request more information. The William L. Be a Florida resident and a U. Students receiving Chapter 33, Chapter 31, and other certain tuition assistance TA should note that these benefits only cover tuition and specific fees not covered by other sources of financial support. The Florida Student Assistance Grant FSAG Program is a need-based grant program available to degree-seeking, resident, undergraduate students who demonstrate substantial financial need.

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FSAG funding is disbursed for fall through spring terms. Bright Futures funding is disbursed for fall through spring terms. Be a Florida resident. Florida Incentive Scholarship Program funding is disbursed for fall through spring terms. The Honorably Discharged Graduate Assistance Program HDGAP provides need-based veteran educational benefits in the form of supplemental living expenses during holiday and semester breaks.

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  • Put another way, one 40 watt lightbulb, kept switched on all the time, uses one kilowatt-hour a day. This, MacKay argues, sharpens the debate by helping us to focus on the big things - such as how hopelessly undercooked our current plans for renewable energy are - rather than get distracted by "eco-gestures", such as believing you have done your bit by remembering to switch off the mobile phone charger. One of the book's other strengths - and what sets it apart from other mainstream books about energy and climate change - is that it is refreshingly free almost of politics and economics.

    It is clear that he wants to avoid being sucked into drawing hard conclusions about what might be the best energy policies - one of his first thoughts for the book's title was You Figure it Out - but despite his desire to remain at arm's-length from the fierce debates that rage around the issue of energy, his book has stuck a hefty stick into the hive. Inevitably, his calculations are being used to furnish various agendas.

    Leo's Answers #177 – May 5, 2009

    For example, he is irked that the "anti-wind brigade" is now using his figures to suggest that we would need to cover vast tracts of land in turbines to meet demand. For the record, he says that he is neither anti-wind nor pro-nuclear - as some online commenters have concluded - but, rather, "pro-arithmetic".


    He admits, though, that his pragmatic talk of needing to cover an area "the size of Wales" in wind turbines, build nuclear power stations and construct country-sized solar parks in the Sahara, if we are to maintain our "European lifestyles", is going to raise hackles. He just wants the debate to be fuelled on facts and honesty.

    Is he pessimistic about our chances of addressing our energy needs in a sustainable manner, without resorting to what he calls "half measures" such as "slightly more efficient fossil-fuel power stations"? Electric cars are really very cool. Air-source heat pumps are great. But it's not going to be easy.

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    • We need to stop saying 'no' and starting saying 'yes' to some of these solutions". Topics Energy efficiency. Energy Fossil fuels Carbon footprints Greenhouse gas emissions. Reuse this content.